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"Tiberius Goes to Rome" by Peter A. KayTiberius A. Caesar first jumped into the public spotlight in April 2004, by appearing in the book "Tiberius Goes to Rome" by teen fiction author Peter A Kay. After spending a couple of months basking in his new found celebrity status, Tiberius soon became bored and decided that he really needed a job, if only to get himself

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 out of the house for a bit. When Tiberius discovered that there was currently little demand for a 1,500 year old worker, he soon became extremely dejected, and began to lose hope of ever finding something to do. Just as he was about to admit defeat in his quest for a job, he suddenly discovered a strange thing called the Internet, which they had never had in his day and age. After spending many an hour in the local library reading up on the

 subject, he soon became an expert on all matters relating to the great World Wide Web. Not only that, he realised that what was missing on the internet was a site which gave you the very best sites for your search, and decided then and there that he'd make it his mission to bring the highest quality sites to the searcher. And the rest, as they say, is history!



If you'd like to know more about "Tiberius Goes to Rome", in which you can read about the adventures of Tiberius as he grows up, please click here.

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